Enterprise Unified Communication Solution

Octtel mini IP-PBX Luke is a unified voice switching management device specially developed for small and medium-sized and multi-site enterprises. It provides voice access for each branch site and three groups of SIP. The routing setting function enables the system to be mutually redundant, the global voice extension exchange, the independent extension exchange, the independent extension exchange of each operating unit and the powerful function configuration combination can be realized by Luke IP-PBX.

Octtel mini IP-PBX Luke is compatible with other series of VoIP Gateway. It is easy to set up and manage via web-based user interface. Octtel Luke is able to accept 50 user registrations, and easy to manage a full voice over IP system with the convenience and cost advantages. The equipment is best paired with Octtel VoIP Gateway to get the function going smoothly and to have a seamless connection. Octtel is able to provide a complete enterprise integration solution.


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